If you own a home on Long Island, then you know that most basements have water leaking into them during heavy rain storms. This is caused by several factors and many are fixable. Learn more about our drainage solutions here!drainage

1” rainfall on a 3000 square foot roof (average size) collects approximately 2000 gallons of water and drops it off at the foundation of your home. Eventually some of this water will find its way into your home and cause damage. Besides physical damage to walls and floors, wet basements can create mold and mildew which can be very unhealthy to you and your family. My recommendation is to prevent this from happening. Ideally, we want to take water that accumulates on your home and property and move it safely away and into the ground. Fortunately there are simple low cost solutions to keep your home healthy and happy.

A Rain Rich Landscape Drainage System consists of the following:

  • Connections to leaders and gutters
  • Catch basins
  • Channel drains
  • 4” PVC piping
  • Dry wells
  • French drains

Rain Rich also recommends the following services:

  • Covering window wells.
  • Keeping gutters and leaders clean of leaves and debris.
  • Placing water sensitive alarms in basements and crawl spaces to notify you of any leaks or storm water intrusion. You can purchase the alarm by calling us at 631-423-2211. The Alarm is $19.99 + tax & shipping and can save you from having a major flood in your home!

Excess water on your property causes damage and creates a health risk. For a free analysis and quote for your home and property please call 631-423-2211 or email us at irrigationspecialist@rainrich.com. You may also contact us online by visiting our contact us page. For more info about our services, please visit our drainage webpage.

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