September is here, and this is the best time of the year to renovate, core aerate and improve your lawn.  Improving your lawn NOW will provide you with the best results for this fall and next spring. The Rain Rich Program is simple and inexpensive for cultivating your lawn providing great results. This is the same basic program used on golf courses, athletic fields and estates.

The Rain Rich program consists of the following:

  1. Core Aeration
  2. Soil test for nutrients and pH
  3. Adding top soil, if needed, to fill in holes and ruts.
  4. Top dressing with compost to provide nutrients, improve soil, and add beneficial bacterial and fungi.
  5. Fertilizer
  6. Lime
  7. Seeding with Long Island blend of superior grass seed
  8. Proper programming of your irrigation system
  9. Spot check and reseed, as necessary, right up to Thanksgiving

Core Aeration is a MUST for making your lawn healthy! For Long Island soil, it is important to core aerate once a year at the end of summer.

Listed below are a few of the benefits received from aerating your lawn:

  1. Relieves soil compaction.
  2. Allows oxygen to enter soil and root zone permitting it to “breathe” and stimulate growth.
  3. Allow fertilizers to enter the root zone where it is needed.
  4. Enhances heat tolerance.
  5. Increases the turf drought tolerance and improves overall health.

All of our programs are customized to your specific property and are guaranteed to your satisfaction! Rain Rich can provide all or part of program and we recommend an organic approach for long term benefits for you and the environment. For a free analysis and quote, please click here or call us at 631-423-2211.

Rain Rich Sprinklers has been serving Long Island for 35 years and prides itself on providing outstanding service and the best value.